Undergraduate Teaching

My teaching has developed through interactions with undergraduate and graduate students and other communities with whom I’ve partnered in Tibetan Studies, Buddhist Studies, and other areas of research around the world. In my classroom work, I’ve been informed by research on student engagement through experiential learning, outdoor education, and student flourishing. Language instruction methodologies have also been a special interest for over two decades.

Undergraduate Teaching

Undergraduate Courses

JNR301 Histories of Buddhist Meditation and Race in North America (2021) – video previews of this course are on the course playlist, a student art gallery is at speak-listen.live/, and an article about one of the course assignments, co-authored with undergraduate Sophie Chase, was published in Religions 12, as “Deep Listening” in Buddhist Studies: Teaching and Learning during a Pandemic

RLG375H Biohacking Breath (2020) – video previews of this course are on the course playlist, and student work is at the Biohacking Breath Film Festival playlist

RLG371 Interdependence (2019) – read more about this course

CRR199H On Foot: A Cultural History of Walking (2017) – an article published about this course

RLG401H Himalayan Borderlands (2017)

RLG375 Buddhist Oral Histories (2011) – a brief description of this course and a longer description of the course project

TBB199Y Food for Thought (2013-14)

RLG206Y Introduction to Buddhist Traditions (2003 | 2004 | 2006 | 2008 | 2014) – in 2014, this course involved an extensive role-playing exercise, and in 2008 a large-scale digital humanities project took over the course design

RLG236H Women and Asian Religions (2003)

RLG299Y Research Opportunities: Tibetan Medical History (2004), Death and Dying in Buddhism (2006)

RLG371H Buddhism in East Asia (2004)

RLG372H Tibetan Buddhism (2004)

RLG373H Himalayan Buddhism (2016)

RLG492H Readings in Tibetan Buddhist Literature (2004 | 2006)

RLG261/494Y Classical Tibetan (2008-09, 2011, 2016-17, 2017-20)

Various independent study courses.