Hybrid Methodologies in the Lhasa Mentsikhang

A number of studies have been published in the last decade documenting the practice of Tibetan medicine in Tibetan regions of the People’s Republic of China. Many of these articles have focused on the effects of “modernization” on the practice of medicine in the Mentsikhang in Lhasa. The present article announces the presence of new multimedia resources for the study of Tibetan medicine, based on a series of videos shot in the Lhasa Mentsikhang. These resources, freely available online, used along with the growing list of scholarly publications by ethnographers who have worked in Lhasa, greatly enhance the richness of materials available for teaching about Tibetan medicine in the university classroom.

2005. Hybrid Methodologies in the Lhasa Mentsikhang. The Tibet Journal 30 (1): 55-64.